COVID-19 Vaccinations

If you would like to be vaccinated for COVID-19, there are many locations in Queensland where this is now possible. Bearing in mind that there are limited vaccines available at the moment, there is an Eligibility Checker to see if you are able to be among the early recipients of

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Voting in Queensland

Queensland needs a change of Government. Our economy won’t recover if the next four years are like the last five. Our electorate needs a strong Voice for Rural Queensland. The LNP will build roads, rail and dams we need. And we’ll tackle crime head on, providing police with the resources

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Queensland Votes 2020

This month’s State Election will be different in many ways. Due to COVID-19 the Electoral Commission of Qld has made many more opportunities for Queenslanders to vote earlier. From the 19th of October you can pre-poll at many locations in Queensland. Saturday 31st of October 2020 is the Election Day

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State Election 31 Oct 2020

With the Queensland State Election quickly approaching I have sent out Postal Vote Applications to my electorate of Callide. If you have “No Junk Mail” on your box, you may not receive these. If this is the case, you can call my office on 4845 1100 and request a Postal

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Taking a Stand for Rural Queensland

Crossing the floor at Parliament is a rare occasion, but I was forced to do just that. (11 Aug 20) The vilification of Farmers and Miners, who are the heavy lifters in the Queensland economy The addition of another Government Department, for $8 million taxpayer dollars The creation of a

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Colin’s Roadside Tour 2020 – Pg 1

Visiting towns in Callide with the Marquee Mobile Office from Tuesday 9 June to Wednesday 8 July. Please phone my office for an appointment or simply drop in and say hello if you see me! I will be under the bright blue marquee in a town near you! If, for

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