Paradise Dam demolition plans

Today Labor moved amendments allowing the immediate destruction of the Paradise Dam without requiring any of the usual approvals. Even the report into the Dam isn’t due to be tabled until next month leaving our regional communities stunned by the ramming through of this plan. This is an act of

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ICT Dashboard – TPWC Report

Examination of Auditor General Report – Monitoring and Managing ICT Projects Click here to view my speech in Parliament (24 October 2019) after reading the report on the ICT dashboard that is to make it easy to see at a glance all ICT projects and how they are travelling. The

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Paradise Dam Review Speech

With my experience in the construction industry, I was appalled to hear that the records relating to the dam wall and it’s construction have mysteriously vanished! The Labor Government doesn’t want to look into it’s overseer of this project, although he would be easy to find, given that he is

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Budget Reply Speech 2019

My Budget Speech for 2019, highlighting the increasing debt of the Labor Government – heading for $90 Billion, and the failing conditions of the roads and infrastructure in the Callide Electorate. If you are short on time and just want to hear about the Boyne Valley Roads, skip forward to

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Special Wildlife Reserves Bill 2018

I spoke against this Bill on 27 March 2019. Unfortunately, the Green/Labor alliance pushed this through Parliament in a similar manner to last year’s Vegetation Management Laws. The far reaching consequences of this Bill has again not been considered, including the impact on neighbours who will be affected by the

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