This week the Queensland Labor Government announced that $500 million had been committed to the Beef Corridors in Central Queensland despite the Federal Labor Government pushing back the start date of the upgrade from the 2025/26 financial year until 2027/28 financial year.

The project was due to be jointly funded with $400 million from the Federal Government and $100 million by the State Government.

Federal Member for Flynn, Colin Boyce said it is disgraceful that both State and Federal Labor Governments can’t even agree on a start date for a critical road network such as the Beef Corridors.

“Premier Miles and Prime Minister Albanese need to jump into a car and see firsthand how bad these roads are and stop making decisions that are affecting the lives of our regional communities from their desks in Brisbane or Canberra,” Mr Boyce said.
“The Beef Corridors upgrade is about improving road safety for all road users while enhancing productivity through reducing or eliminating impediments on delivery.”
The Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program hasn’t been updated to reflect the updated delay in funds from the Federal Government that was revealed at Senate Estimates in February.

Federal Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry said the Labor Government is not committed to delivering vital infrastructure for Central Queenslanders, despite an enormous contribution to the economy coming directly from the region.

“What we see is, once again, the Albanese Government putting the urgent funding needed for the sealing of the Beef Corridor Roads on the back burner for another three years. This is despite the funding being ready to go and shovel was to hit the dirt next year. They have clearly made a decision on this critical infrastructure project without consulting their state colleagues,” Ms Landry said.

“Labor is delaying regional jobs and putting the safety of those who commute on these roads on the line while they funnel funding out of this project and into others.”

Senator Matthew Canavan said it’s clear this week’s announcement by the Queensland Government is that the Federal Government has pushed funding for the Beef Corridors into the never never without even talking to their counterparts in Queensland.

“All that’s left is Central Queensland once again having to take their fight to Canberra to get the investment we were promised,” Senator Canavan said.

Roads that were assigned to be sealed include Clermont – Alpha Rd, May Downs Road, Kilcummin – Diamond Downs Road, Alpha – Tambo Rd, Dawson Developmental Rd, Fitzroy Developmental Rd (Bauhinia – Duaringa), Fitzroy Developmental Rd (Taroom – Bauhinia), Duaringa – Apis Creek Rd, Glenroy Road Corridor (incl. Crossing).

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