Boyce calls on Labor to get back to basics

Australians have united with one another to say NO to enshrining division into the nation’s constitution.

Federal Member for Flynn, Colin Boyce said its time for the Labor Government to get back to basics.

“Standing on both pre-poll and on a booth on polling day, it was clear the Flynn electorate would be voting NO. One takeaway is that inner city areas have voted YES which highlights the growing divide between regional and metropolitan Australia,” Mr Boyce said.

“Australians have sent a clear message that they won’t be dictated by the metropolitan elite, including corporate Australia and the governance bodies of our major sporting codes.

“The voters are never wrong. The Prime Minister might not like this referendum decision because he thinks he knows better but he needs to understand that Australians believe in equality and a fair go.

“Prime Minister Albanese has been so obsessed with the Voice that he’s taken his eye off the ball when it comes to fuel costs and the cost-of-living pressures facing Australian families.

“Every Australian wants better outcomes for Indigenous Australians.

“We need to be working towards an audit of the billions of dollars of taxpayer money that is spent on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social issues with no or little outcomes.

“We must prioritise the practical action that gets kids to school, adults into work, and communities safe. Exactly what we want for the rest of the country being true for Indigenous Australians too, wherever they may live.

“Looking ahead, we want to achieve better results for our most vulnerable people, regardless of their ethnicity or heritage.  Our focus is on practical action, driven by local communities.”

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