Boyce responds to proposed Voice to Parliament

The Prime Minister has finally revealed what the Australian people will be asked in the referendum on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament later this year.

As the proposed question has reference to the Executive of government, this makes the body more powerful than any Cabinet Minister.

No Cabinet Minister can apply to the High Court to have legislation struck out because they were not properly consulted. Yet the proposed Voice body will have that power.

More worrying, interpretation of that power will be determined by the High Court, not the Parliament.

The proposed change to the Constitution, will define the rights of Australians based on race.

Federal Member for Flynn, Colin Boyce said he has consulted widely with both the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ campaigns in a respectful way and has made the decision to vote no.

“I have contacted indigenous leaders from communities all across the Flynn electorate. Almost all indicated they knew very little or nothing about the Albanese Government’s Voice proposal,” Mr Boyce said.

“I believe the Voice will not advance the primary aim of Closing the Gap and dealing with real issues. It will not economically empower Indigenous people.

“It will be a Voice for Redfern, not Indigenous communities in rural areas such as Woorabinda.

“In the 47th Parliament of Australia, there are 11 Indigenous MPs who have been duly and democratically elected by the people, while currently there is an Indigenous Minister for Indigenous Australians who is responsible for overseeing a federal government department that is worth more than $1 billion.

“My view remains the same: we are one people, we are one country, we are all equal.

“I will be voting no at the referendum and encourage you to have your say.”

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