Federal Member for Flynn, Colin Boyce has slammed Labor’s proposal to place a carbon tax on SUVs, utes and 4WDs.

Mr Boyce said Labor is threatening to add thousands of dollars to the cost of buying a new family car under its proposed Vehicle Efficiency Standard.


“Under the proposed new standard, Labor will place penalties on new petrol and diesel vehicles over a certain emissions limit to subsidise EVs and make them relatively more affordable,” Mr Boyce said.


“The proposed Vehicle Efficiency Standard will add thousands of dollars to the cars that Australians love to drive including SUVs, utes and 4WDs.


“Energy Minister Chris Bowen says the new Vehicle Efficiency Standard will result in lower running costs for new cars but not if you can’t afford to buy one.


“Labor’s policy will hit families who rely on SUVs to get their kids to school as well as tradies and farmers who rely on utes to do their job.


“Mr Bowen cites the Mazda CX-30 model in the United Kingdom but it turns out it is not as fuel efficient as he made out and is $19,000 dearer than in Australia.


“The Leader of the Coalition, Peter Dutton is correct. If you’re a tradie and you’re buying vehicles such as a BT-50 or a D-Max or a HiLux or a Ranger, the Albanese Government’s family car tax is going to drive up the cost of purchasing that vehicle.


“Motor vehicle dealerships across Australia employ about 60,000 people and Australians take seriously their purchase of a car.


“The Flynn electorate is different to other metropolitan areas. We drive longer distances, and we use our cars for work and recreation.


“If the Vehicle Efficiency Standard goes ahead on its current planned trajectory, some manufacturers are likely to withdraw from the Australian market.


“In New Zealand, a similar tax drove up the cost of a car by about $7,000 NZD.


“People want to be able to afford a new vehicle, particularly at this time of Labor’s fast rising cost of living pressures.


“Once again, we see a Labor Government that is out of touch.”

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