Boyce slams ‘Loss and Damage’ Fund

Federal Member for Flynn, Colin Boyce has slammed the Labor Government’s decision to commit Australia to the United Nations’ ‘Loss and Damage’ Fund without providing any details on what it will cost Australians or how it will be implemented.

Mr Boyce has labelled the fund ‘communism 101’ by distributing wealth from Australia to give to another. Including to countries such as India, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Argentina, Iran and even China.

“The ‘Loss and Damage’ Fund is all based on unproven theoretical hypothesis which relies on computer modelling that has no correlation with real world measurable data,” Mr Boyce said.

“Minister Bowen has led the charge committing Australia to an unknown future expense with little regard for the Australian people and the services they rely on.

“While they’re happy to distribute wealth from Australia, according to the Australian Medical Association, Budget papers have revealed $2.4 billion is being cut from public hospitals over the next four years.

“So, what this Government is saying is that they’re happy to pluck $2.4 billion from our hospitals give it to nations such as China – the world’s second largest economy and single largest carbon emitter.

“They’re happy to take money away from hardworking Australians that are hurting every time they go to the supermarkets, pay their electricity bills, or fuel up the car.

“This is a disgrace, a prime example of hypocrisy and pious virtue signalling.”

Mr Boyce said in the October 2022-23 Budget, the Labor Government committed $45.8 million over 6 years for international engagement on climate change issues, including its bid to host a Conference of the Parties in partnership with Pacific Island Nations.

“There are pacific nations who are supporting China, there reason – Australia is not doing enough to support climate change, while China is the biggest carbon emitter and is not a signatory to any of these climate policies. The hypocrisy is staggering.  You could not make this stuff up,” Mr Boyce said.

“It seems Minister Bowen is willing to concede tens of billions of dollars through the ‘Loss and Damage’ Fund to win critical support for his campaign to host a COP meeting in Australia.

“If this is the case, how about he hosts a COP meeting at Gladstone in my electorate of Flynn. He can then explain to the workers and their families why he intends to shut down their industry, take their hard-earned dollars and give it to another country.

“This Government needs to focus on supporting our own nation through the cost-of-living crisis.

“It is time to put Australia first.”

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