Boyce: Support our Mining Jobs

“It’s the destruction of the mining industry from within,” says Colin Boyce, Federal Member for Flynn.

Andrew Forrest, Director of Fortescue Metals, is working on destroying our mining industries with his recent comments to The Australian, supporting the Greens demands to ban new fossil fuel developments.

“Dr Forrest and Fortescue Metals can afford to block any new coal and gas projects – their net profit for last financial year was over $6B US,” Mr Boyce commented.

“It really is economic madness to continue to subsidise renewable energies that are incapable of providing reliable base-load power to industry, yet Dr Forrest continues to push the wind and solar dream”, Colin added.

“Banning new coal and gas projects will hurt every Australian in the pocket, as our energy costs continue to rise with the higher cost of renewables.

“We need sensible investment into coal and gas projects to bring the cost of living down for all Australians.”

“It is mining and miners who produce our biggest exports, with resources alone bringing in $264 billion. It is our largest sector of total national GDP, with over 10% coming from Mining alone. Mining provides some of the most stable jobs as well as opportunities for innovation and technological advances.

“In Flynn alone we contribute $17.2 million every day and support over 42,000 local jobs.

“We should be looking for growth in these sectors, not looking for a green flag to wave while stifling employment.”

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