Drought Assistance

Many farmers and graziers and their regional communities are feeling the continual effects of the drought. My office is currently receiving many calls for help from people in need. Although I can’t make it rain or fix individual water issues, I can point you in the right direction for help.

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Paradise Dam Review Speech

With my experience in the construction industry, I was appalled to hear that the records relating to the dam wall and it’s construction have mysteriously vanished! The Labor Government doesn’t want to look into it’s overseer of this project, although he would be easy to find, given that he is

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Stronger Communities Grants

The LNP Federal Government has just announced $22.65 million to be distributed across Australia to support small infrastructure projects for community organizations. Each electorate has $150,000 to be distributed. Stronger Communities Grants Please contact your Federal Member as soon as possible to register your interest in these grants. Ken O’Dowd,

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