Gladstone Talks Nuclear

Federal Member for Flynn, Colin Boyce last night held a nuclear forum in Gladstone with the Co-Chair of Parliamentary Friends of Nuclear Industries, Dr David Gillespie.

The event had an attendance of over 70 people with plenty of positive discussion about nuclear and the critical role it could play for Australia’s energy market and industries.

Mr Boyce said the forum discussed the misconceptions around nuclear, small modular reactors (SMRs) and how nuclear produces zero emissions but has a significant energy output.

“The scientific reality is that we must firm-up the energy grid when renewable energy does not provide affordable, reliable, base load power,” Mr Boyce said.

“To distribute renewable energy, more than $100 billion will need to be spent on 28,000 kilometres of transmission lines and the establishment of renewable energy projects such as wind and solar. These poles and wires will run through farming land, national parks, and suburbs.

“Aside from the huge environmental impact of this roll-out, every dollar spent will be passed onto Australian consumers in the form of higher electricity bills.

“Next generation, small modular nuclear technologies are safe, reliable, cost effective, can be plugged into existing grids where coal has been turned-off, and emit zero emissions.

“As Peter Dutton says, the Coalition recognises the need in the 21st century for sensible government to consider small modular nuclear as part of the energy mix.

“Already, 32 countries – including Canada, China, France, the United States and the United Kingdom – use zero emission nuclear power today, including to firm-up renewables, while 50 countries are exploring or investing in next-generation nuclear technology.

“As a country, it’s time to talk nuclear.

“I look forward to holding future discussions around nuclear energy in the Flynn electorate in the future.”

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