People in Central Queensland are facing a tough Christmas this year thanks to Labor’s cost of living crisis.

Before the last election, Anthony Albanese promised that Australians would be better off under a Labor Government. Instead, the cost of almost everything has gone up and Australian households are going backwards because Labor has been focused on the wrong priorities.

This year, it’s going to cost more to host the Christmas lunch, it’s going to cost more to turn on the Christmas lights, and it’s going to cost more to visit family and friends.

There will be fewer gifts around the tree as higher mortgage repayments, higher energy prices and higher grocery prices eat away at the disposable income for Australian families.

Federal Member for Flynn, Colin Boyce said the Albanese Labor Government took their eye off the ball in tackling inflation and as a result, Australians are paying the price this Christmas.

“Families in Central Queensland are already struggling with the high cost of living and it is going to be a much tougher Christmas for so many Australians, because inflation is still far too high,” Mr Boyce said.

“For local families and businesses, inflation is now a home grown tax on everything.

“The Albanese Government must come up with a plan to tackle inflation or else Australians will be the ones paying the price for Labor’s bad decisions.”

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