Boyce asks Labor what’s next?

Federal Member for Flynn, Colin Boyce has asked the question “what’s next” following the Labor Government’s commitment to ban live sheep exports from the country.

Mr Boyce said Labor couldn’t be trusted to look after the agricultural sector, with history of attacking the beef industry in particular.

“Central Queensland is the centre of Australia’s beef operations, and this move to cuddle up to their Greens mates by making a commitment to ban live sheep exports should be a clarion call to all our beef producers – don’t judge Labor by their words, judge them by their actions. And their intended actions are now loud and clear, Mr Boyce said.

“Labor shut down the live trade before and now they want to do it again – they’ve started with sheep and then they’ll move on to beef, just like they did in 2011 when they arbitrarily shut down the live beef trade, costing Aussie graziers many millions of dollars and harming international relations.

“The beef industry won that battle all the way to the High Court and Labor have now indicated they just want to kick the industry in the teeth rather than stand up and protect those who create wealth for our nation.

“While the previous Coalition Government invested billions in upgrading core infrastructure for the beef industry including roads, rail and sales complexes, Labor is plotting how they can sacrifice the sector in return for support from the inner-city ultra-Greens. They’re not on our side, and they need to be held to account for their betrayal of our livestock sector.

“The biggest concern from producers is “will the beef industry be next?”

“I call on the Prime Minister to come to Central Queensland, look our graziers in the eye and make the commitment that he will not ban live cattle exports.”

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