Labor’s desperate dodgy deal with the Greens

Federal Member for Flynn, Colin Boyce has called out Anthony Albanese’s dodgy, desperate deal with the Greens to pass their flawed National Reconstruction Fund Bill which will hurt Australian manufacturers.

Labor have failed to deliver the $275 reduction in power bills they promised at the last election, in fact power bills are only going up. At a time when benchmark power prices for hundreds of thousands of Australians are set to rise by more than 20 per cent within months, this dodgy deal with the Greens which once again demonises the resources sector.

Labor supported the Greens amendments which means the $15 billion National Reconstruction Fund Bill will not fund any coal or gas projects, pipeline infrastructure or logging of native forests.

Mr Boyce said that every manufacturer he speaks with is already struggling with power prices and said today’s deal is a clear indication that Labor is beholden to the Greens.

“Aussie manufacturers rely on cheap energy to make things onshore – but Labor’s continued demonisation of gas, and broken promises to bring power prices down will force more Aussie manufacturing offshore – that means less jobs for Australians,” Mr Boyce said.

“Every time they are in government, Labor makes sneaky deals with the Greens against the interest of families, businesses, and our manufacturers.

“This is a bad bill that has become even worse, and the Coalition will fight Labor’s recklessness all the way to the Senate, then to the election and beyond.”

Every expert in the country is calling on the Prime Minister to unlock more supply of gas, but Labor’s desperate, dodgy deal with the Greens, demonising gas, will fail to bring power prices down and will create investment uncertainty in this fundamental input into our manufacturing businesses.

The Australian taxpayer will pick up the tab or Labor’s reckless spending. There are real questions over the accountability of this $15 billion expenditure. There is extraordinary discretion for the government to install a Labor-picked Board to spend up to $15 billion of taxpayer funds on Labor-picked priorities.

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