Boyce raises concerns about TMR

Federal Member for Flynn, Colin Boyce has raised concerns with the Queensland Labor Government’s Department of Main Roads this week.

Speaking in the Federation Chamber in Canberra, Mr Boyce provided examples of the department’s issues including lack of planning, funding shortfalls and delays.

“The Former Member for Flynn Mr Ken O’Dowd secured $100 million for access to the Gladstone Port project to provide an alternate route for heavy vehicles accessing the Port of Gladstone,” Mr Boyce said.

“This has still not been done with the access to Gladstone Port project stagnate and in planning stages since 2020.

“There are 4 bridges in the Gladstone area that have oversize load and weight restrictions on them. These bridges need to be repaired and present huge logistical problems for their proposed multi-billion-dollar alternative and renewable energy projects in Central Queensland.

Mr Boyce said on top of this, lack of funding to road infrastructure has already been clearly identified by the Auditor General’s report with a projected $9 billion shortfall.

“Bridge and culvert refurbishment and road re-sheeting are operating at under 20 per cent of their budget need,” Mr Boyce said.

“Then we have the continual roadwork delays. Lawrie Street in Gracemere in my electorate of Flynn is a prime example with the project taking a year to date.

“Yet the Government has little regard for the businesses that are struggling to keep their doors open denying them of any form of compensation.

“It is quite evident that the Queensland Labor Government is not interested in addressing the logistical problems associated with their renewable and alternate energy proposals.”

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