Boyce slams QLD Labor’s poor planning

Federal Member for Flynn, Colin Boyce has slammed the Queensland Labor Government’s lack of planning following their $62 billion energy announcement.

Mr Boyce said there are serious logistical issues that are preventing the use of the Port of Gladstone.

“The Former Member for Flynn Mr Ken O’Dowd secured $100 million for access to the Gladstone Port project back on the 3rd of April 2019 to provide an alternate route for heavy vehicles accessing the Port of Gladstone,” Mr Boyce said.

“This has not progressed with the access to Gladstone Port project stagnate and in planning stages since 2020.

“There are 4 bridges in the Gladstone area that have oversize load and weight restrictions. These bridges need to be repaired and present huge logistical problems for their proposed multi-billion-dollar alternative and renewable energy projects in Central Queensland.

“A 250-tonne energy generator is on its way to the Callide Power Station as we speak, but the Port of Gladstone is not able to be utilised due to these bridge oversize load and weight restrictions. Instead, the energy generator will be arriving at Port Alma where cranes are having to be brought in.

“Queensland Minister for Transport and Main Roads, Mark Bailey is asleep at the wheel. He is missing in action.”

Mr Boyce said on top of this, there have been no critical questions answered about the Queensland Labor Government’s energy plan.

“As of 1 August 2022, there are a total of 17 councils and 2-part councils drought declared. These declarations represent 44.9% of the land area of Queensland. There are also 27 Individual Droughted Properties in a further 8 Local Government Areas,” Mr Boyce said.

“The Queensland Labor Government plans to build the largest pumped hydro scheme in the world on the world’s driest habitable continent.

“This makes no logical sense. It was only a few years ago that many dams/storages were at critically low levels so how can the Government possibly guarantee adequate water supply for a pumped hydro electrical system given there is a 30% evaporation loss over a 12-month period?

“Furthermore, the Gladstone Area Water Board has issued a critical water supply alert to industry in Gladstone approximately 18 months ago which is still in place as there have been no substantial inflows to Lake Awoonga which is currently at 65% capacity.

“The Gladstone region as well as much of Queensland is still drought declared.

“There is not enough water for agriculture or the production of hydrogen. How can there possibly be enough water for hydroelectricity?

“The Queensland Labor Government also plans to move to transition Queensland’s coal-fired powers stations into “clean energy hubs” from 2027. Can they guarantee that enough baseload power will be supplied to keep the region’s industry moving and keep household lights on?

“It is quite evident that the Queensland Labor Government is not interested in addressing the logistical problems associated with their $62 billion energy announcement.”

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