Resignation from Callide

It is no secret that I have nominated as the candidate for the LNP for the Federal seat of Flynn. The Commonwealth Constitution determines that I must resign before the election is called. This rule does not apply to someone in a mayoral position, who can simply take a leave

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Reef Legislation Reversal Bill

The Queensland Government continues to destroy the image of the Great Barrier Reef and with it, the $6 Billion tourist industry. They have spent $300 Million on misleading campaigns, blaming the $19 Billion agriculture industry that feeds Australians. My speech in Parliament (in support of reversing this Bill) highlights the

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Queensland State Budget 2021/22

Last Parliament week (June 15-18) the Qld Labor Government presented their Budget for the next financial year. Unfortunately there was not too many new announcements for Callide. My Budget in Reply speech gave me the opportunity to highlight the need to replace Callide C4 coal-fired power generator with the latest

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Single-Trip Permits for Bridges in Callide

I spoke in Parliament (12 May 2021) on the current money-making scheme of the State Government where our local crane hire companies are being slugged for single-trip permits every time they leave their sheds. These oversize, overweight cranes are already automatically tracked by DTMR – Transport and Main Roads already

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Queensland Votes 2020

This month’s State Election will be different in many ways. Due to COVID-19 the Electoral Commission of Qld has made many more opportunities for Queenslanders to vote earlier. From the 19th of October you can pre-poll at many locations in Queensland. Saturday 31st of October 2020 is the Election Day

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Radio Interviews

After crossing the floor in Queensland’s State Parliament in August, I spent a lot of time explaining the implications of the Environmental Protection and Other Legislation Bill. Many people do not understand that this Bill is clearly not in the best interests of agriculture or mining – two of the

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Taking a Stand for Rural Queensland

Crossing the floor at Parliament is a rare occasion, but I was forced to do just that. (11 Aug 20) The vilification of Farmers and Miners, who are the heavy lifters in the Queensland economy The addition of another Government Department, for $8 million taxpayer dollars The creation of a

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Paradise Dam demolition plans

Today Labor moved amendments allowing the immediate destruction of the Paradise Dam without requiring any of the usual approvals. Even the report into the Dam isn’t due to be tabled until next month leaving our regional communities stunned by the ramming through of this plan. This is an act of

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ICT Dashboard – TPWC Report

Examination of Auditor General Report – Monitoring and Managing ICT Projects Click here to view my speech in Parliament (24 October 2019) after reading the report on the ICT dashboard that is to make it easy to see at a glance all ICT projects and how they are travelling. The

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