Senate Estimates this month revealed that the $400 million upgrade that would see 457km of the Beef Corridors sealed has been pushed back from a start date of 2025/26 financial year until 2027/28 financial year.

Central Queensland LNP Members have joined local Mayors and called on the Labor Government to explain the unreasonable delay since regional councils had already identified the roads that need attention.

Federal Member for Flynn, Colin Boyce said the Labor Government continues to bite the hand that feeds it.

“Labor is set to introduce a new tax to Parliament, which will force Australian farmers to pay for the biosecurity costs of international importers, pushing up Australian grown produce prices at supermarkets,” Mr Boyce said.

“Labor will now set the tax rate as a proportion of an industry’s average gross value of production over a three-year period, rather than a base rate of 10 per cent on industry-led levies, due to confusion in the levy system and inequity.

“Yet at the same time, the Labor Government have betrayed Central Queensland by delaying the Beef Corridor upgrade. An upgrade that will not only improve road safety for all road users but form a strategic web of agricultural supply chains from east to west.”

Federal Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry said the Beef Corridor Road funding delays is Rockhampton Ring Road 2.0.

“We had to fight tooth and nail to get the Rockhampton Ring Road back on track and once again we will have to go in to bat for Central Queenslanders to get their fair share of the wealth that they create in our region,” Ms Landry said.

“Within this road network, more than 2,300 beef businesses are putting $2.7 billion back into our coffers to improve the essential infrastructure and services those in the cities enjoy. Now is the time to put money back into the regions where it is created to ensure our rural families and truckies get home safely.”

Senator Matthew Canavan said the work at identifying what needs to be done on these roads has already been done by the councils, but the Labor Government has delayed them with no reason.

“They made us fight for the Rockhampton Ring Road, and it seems like they’re just getting revenge by delaying roads that are a serious risk to the communities that use them,” Senator Canavan said.

“We’re not seeing the same delays in the major cities, so why is it that when Central Queensland is producing the wealth of the nation, we’re the ones first on the government’s chopping block?”

Roads that were assigned to be sealed include Clermont – Alpha Rd, May Downs Road, Kilcummin – Diamond Downs Road, Alpha – Tambo Rd, Dawson Developmental Rd, Fitzroy Developmental Rd (Bauhinia – Duaringa), Fitzroy Developmental Rd (Taroom – Bauhinia), Duaringa – Apis Creek Rd, Glenroy Road Corridor (incl. Crossing).

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