Federal Member for Flynn, Colin Boyce is demanding the Albanese Labor Government be transparent and reveal how long Australians are having to wait to receive government payments in Flynn, including Centrelink and Medicare claims during this cost-of-living crisis.

In June, Coalition MPs and Senators asked Government Services Minister Bill Shorten how long Australians were having to wait to receive these government payments.

Mr Shorten responded to the questions by saying, “Services Australia does not collate or record data by electorate.”

However, Questions in Writing obtained by the Opposition for the previous Parliament, reveal that Services Australia does in fact use electorate-level data and that this data was provided to Labor MPs when the Coalition was in government.

Mr Boyce said the move to block the release of the Medicare and Centrelink data did not pass the pub test.

“The Albanese Labor Government’s decision to not be up front with locals is a kick in the teeth for our community who are grappling with the cost-of-living crisis,” Mr Boyce said.

“I am calling on Government Services Minister Bill Shorten to release this data so that it can be used to inform better policymaking.

“Every community is different, and Labor must come clean on how long it is taking residents in Flynn to receive a government payment or service.”

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