Drought Assistance

Many farmers and graziers and their regional communities are feeling the continual effects of the drought. My office is currently receiving many calls for help from people in need. Although I can’t make it rain or fix individual water issues, I can point you in the right direction for help. Drought Community Support Initiative (DCSI)Salvation […]

Rookwood Weir to be halved

Build the real Rookwood Weir

If the people in the cities want fresh food from Australia, they have to get behind the LNP and the building of dams. The Qld Labor Government won’t build dams. Whistleblowers are claiming fraud within the Labor Government and Sunwater. Costs are being manipulated with the Rookwood Weir and they won’t reveal the extent of […]

Queensland needs more dams not less!

The Queensland State Government’s sudden decision to reduce the Paradise Dam’s capacity to 42% has stunned producers and regional communities. With absolutely no consultation with those most affected, the water has been released from the dam at the worst possible time – and most of it is predicted to simply run out to sea. Read […]

Irrigators & Dieback tour with Gerard Rennick

I spent a couple of days (5th & 6th March 2019) showing Gerard Rennick (LNP Senate candidate) around the Moura, Theodore and Taroom districts. We visited the Nathan Dam site, irrigation projects at Moura and inspected pasture dieback. Pasture dieback is having a huge economic effect in Callide. Water security for Callide and Queensland’s irrigators is critical for […]